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Are you in search of a new home for your feathered friend? Look no further than the vast selection of bird cages for sale. With so many different types and sizes available, finding the perfect cage for your bird has never been easier.

Whether you have a small parakeet or a large macaw, there is a cage that will suit their needs. From pet bird cages to parrot cages, each type offers unique features that cater to specific breeds and personalities. And with options available South Africa wide, you are sure to find the perfect fit for your bird in no time. So why wait? Explore the world of bird cages today and give your beloved companion a comfortable and safe place to call home.

Key Takeaways

  • Bird cages come in various sizes, materials, and designs, affecting the price
  • Different brands offer varying levels of quality and features, so it’s important to compare and determine which brand best meets your needs
  • Local pet stores, online retailers, classified ads, and bird shows are all options for purchasing bird cages in South Africa
  • Reading reviews from other customers and reaching out to local bird enthusiasts or breeders can provide valuable insights into finding the perfect bird cage.

Bird Cages for Sale

Looking for a cozy home for your feathered friend? Check out our selection of bird cages for sale - they’re sure to make your pet tweet with joy! Our bird cages come in all shapes and sizes, so you can find the perfect fit for your winged companion. We offer cages made from durable materials like metal and plastic, as well as more decorative options like wood and wicker.

When choosing a bird cage, it’s important to consider the needs of your specific bird species. Some birds require larger cages with plenty of room to fly and play, while others prefer smaller spaces where they can snuggle up and feel secure. Our knowledgeable staff can help you choose the right size cage for your pet based on their breed, size, and activity level.

So whether you have a parakeet or a macaw, we have the perfect cage for your feathered friend. Be sure to check out our selection of different types of cages - from traditional wire models to elaborate aviaries - to find the perfect one for you!

Types of Cages

Hey, you wanna keep your feathered friend feeling like they’re living in a prison cell? Get yourself a tiny, cramped cage that barely fits them! Or better yet, don’t. Instead, consider the various types of bird cages available to ensure your pet is comfortable and happy.

First up are the standard rectangular cages. These are widely used and come in different sizes to accommodate different species of birds. The bars should be spaced properly so that your bird cannot escape or get its head stuck between them. Rectangular cages provide ample space for birds to move around and play.

Another type of cage is aviaries or flight cages which are much larger than regular ones. These can be installed indoors or outdoors depending on where you live and how much space you have available. Aviaries allow birds to fly freely and mimic their natural environment as closely as possible.

Now that you know about the different types of bird cages, it’s time to choose one that fits your pet’s needs best. Keep in mind factors such as size, material, bar spacing and whether it comes with accessories such as perches or toys. A well-chosen cage will provide your feathered friend with a safe and comfortable home for years to come!

Pet Bird Cages

When choosing a cage for your pet bird, you’ll want to consider factors like size and material in order to provide them with a safe and comfortable home. Pet bird cages come in a variety of sizes, ranging from small cages suitable for finches or canaries to larger cages designed for parrots. It’s important to choose a cage that’s appropriate for your bird’s species and size. A cage that’s too small can lead to health problems like obesity, while a cage that’s too large can make your bird feel unsafe.

In addition to size, the material of the cage is also important. Many pet bird cages are made from wire or metal bars, but some birds may be better suited to acrylic or wooden cages. If you have a particularly destructive bird, an acrylic cage may be more durable than one made from wire. Wooden cages are often preferred for birds that require higher humidity levels since they don’t conduct heat as well as metal cages.

If you’re unsure about what type of pet bird cage is right for your feathered friend, it’s best to consult with an avian veterinarian or experienced breeder. They can help you choose the right size and material based on your specific bird’s needs. Up next, we’ll discuss parrot cages and what sets them apart from other types of pet bird cages.

Parrot Cages

Parrot cages are often larger and more elaborate than other types of bird enclosures, featuring multiple levels and play areas to accommodate these intelligent and active birds. Parrots need plenty of space to move around, climb, and play to maintain their physical and mental health. They also require toys, perches, and swings to keep them entertained when they’re not interacting with their owners.

When choosing a parrot cage, it’s important to consider the size of your bird. As a general rule of thumb, the cage should be at least two times the length of your bird’s wingspan. It should also be tall enough for your bird to stand up straight without touching its head on the top of the cage. Additionally, make sure that bar spacing is appropriate for your parrot’s size; smaller birds can fit through wider spaces.

If you have a smaller bird such as a finch or budgie, you may want to consider a small bird cage instead. These cages are typically smaller in size but still provide ample room for your feathered friend to fly around and stretch its wings. Small bird cages come in various shapes and designs, including round or square models with different levels or compartments for added stimulation.

Parrots inside the cage.

Small Bird Cages

If you want to give your little feathered friend a cozy home to play and relax, small bird cages are the perfect choice for you! These cages are designed to fit smaller birds such as finches, canaries, and budgies. They provide a comfortable living space for your pet bird while adding a stylish touch to your home décor.

Here are three reasons why small bird cages are an excellent option for your feathered friend:

  1. Space-saving design: Small bird cages take up less space in your home than larger cages, making them ideal if you have limited living space or want to keep multiple birds in one area.
  2. Easy maintenance: Small bird cages require less cleaning and upkeep compared to larger cages. This is because they have fewer accessories and features that need constant attention.
  3. Affordable pricing: Small bird cages come in different shapes, sizes, and materials, so there’s always an affordable option that suits your budget without compromising on quality.

When it comes to selecting the right small bird cage for your pet, there are various factors you should consider. These include the size of the cage relative to the size of your pet bird, the type of material used in construction (such as metal or plastic), and any additional accessories like perches or food bowls. Browse our selection of small bird cages today to find the perfect fit for both you and your feathered friend!

Selection and Browse

Perusing our collection of small bird enclosures allows you to discover the ideal fit for your avian companion. When selecting a cage, consider factors such as size, material, and features. The proper size is crucial for your bird’s comfort and well-being. It should allow enough room for movement, play, and exercise while also accommodating food dishes and perches.

Material options include metal, plastic, and wood. Metal cages are durable but can rust over time unless coated with a safe finish. Plastic cages are lightweight and easy to clean but may not be as sturdy as metal or wood cages. Wood cages provide a natural environment for birds but require more upkeep than other materials.

Features to look for include pull-out trays for easy cleaning, multiple doors for accessibility, and secure latches to prevent escapes. Browse through our selection of small bird cages to find one that meets your pet’s needs.

As you move on to the next section about brand and product, keep in mind that choosing the right cage is just the first step in providing a comfortable home for your feathered friend.

Brand and Product

Now that you have browsed through the selection of bird cages available, it’s time to narrow down your choices by considering the brand and product. Different brands offer varying levels of quality and features, so it’s important to do your research before making a purchase.

To help with your decision-making process, we’ve created a table comparing three popular brands of bird cages: A&E Cage Co., Prevue Pet Products, and Vision. Each brand has its own unique selling points, such as A&E Cage Co.'s heavy-duty construction or Vision’s innovative design for easy cleaning. By comparing these factors side-by-side, you’ll be able to determine which brand best meets your needs.

Once you’ve selected a brand, it’s time to consider the specific product options within that brand. For example, if you choose Prevue Pet Products, you can then decide between their wrought-iron Select Series or their more affordable Flight Bird Cages. By taking into account both the brand and product options available to you, you can find the perfect bird cage for your feathered friend.

As you move on to considering price and policy in our next section, keep in mind how different brands and products may affect these factors. Certain brands may have higher prices due to their premium materials or added features, while others may offer more flexible return policies. By weighing all of these variables together, you’ll be able to make an informed decision on which bird cage is right for both your budget and pet care needs.

Bird inside the cage,.

Price and Policy

When you’re ready to make a purchase, it’s important to consider the price and policies of different brands and products for your feathered friend’s new home. Bird cages come in various sizes and designs, which means that their prices can range from low to high. More often than not, the cost of bird cages depends on its size, material used for construction, and the inclusion of additional features.

Before purchasing a bird cage, take note of each brand’s policy. Some manufacturers offer warranties or money-back guarantees in case the product is damaged upon delivery or if there are defects within a certain period after purchase. Others may have strict return policies that require customers to cover shipping costs and restocking fees should they decide to return their purchased item.

When choosing between different brands and products for your bird’s new home, it is essential to consider both the price tag and company policies. Knowing these details will help you make an informed decision on which product best fits your budget while ensuring that you get quality materials with reliable customer service. Next up: let’s discuss delivery and shipping options!

Delivery and Shipping

As you’re browsing for the perfect bird cage, it’s crucial to consider delivery and shipping options. After all, you want your new purchase to arrive quickly and in good condition. Some companies offer expedited shipping for an additional fee, while others provide free shipping with a minimum purchase amount. Make sure to check the estimated delivery time as well, especially if you need the cage by a certain date.

When it comes to shipping, it’s also important to look into the company’s packaging methods. A sturdy box and appropriate padding can make all the difference in ensuring that your bird cage arrives undamaged. If possible, read reviews from other customers who have purchased from the same company to see how their experience was with delivery and packaging.

Now that you’ve thought about delivery and shipping, it’s time to consider family-friendly options! Whether you have young children or other pets in your home, there are plenty of bird cages that are designed with safety features in mind. From rounded edges to non-toxic materials, these cages will give you peace of mind knowing that your feathered friend is comfortable and secure.

Family-Friendly Options

If you have young children or other pets in your home, you’ll be happy to know that there are plenty of family-friendly bird cages available with safety features like rounded edges and non-toxic materials. These cages come in various sizes, designs, and colors to match the style of your home. Here are three options that will make both you and your feathered friend feel safe and comfortable:

  1. The Prevue Hendryx Wrought Iron Select Bird Cage is a spacious cage with a play top design that allows your bird to exercise and socialize outside of its enclosure. It has a durable wrought iron construction with a powder-coated finish that resists rust and chipping. The cage also features a removable tray for easy cleaning, four stainless steel cups for food and water, and two perches for resting.
  2. The Yaheetech 61-inch Rolling Bird Cage provides ample space for multiple birds while keeping them secure with its sturdy frame made of premium metal wires coated with non-toxic paint. It has two large front doors for easy access, four feeding bowls for convenient feeding, two wooden perches for comfortable resting, and a pull-out tray for hassle-free cleaning.
  3. The ZENY Bird Cage with Stand is an excellent choice if you want a stylish yet functional cage that blends well with any room décor. It has an elegant dome top design with intricate patterns on the sides made of painted metal wires that ensure proper ventilation while keeping your bird protected from predators. This cage also comes equipped with four feeding cups, two wooden perches, and a removable slide-out tray.

Now that you know some family-friendly bird cage options available on the market let’s move onto discussing some popular cities in South Africa - Cape Town and Durban!

Cape Town and Durban

If you’re looking for family-friendly bird cages for sale, you may want to consider options that are available in Cape Town and Durban. These two cities have a lot to offer when it comes to pet supplies, including bird cages that are designed with safety and comfort in mind.

In Cape Town, you’ll find a variety of stores that specialize in pet products. Some of the most popular options include Petworld, Petzone, and Petland. These stores carry a wide range of bird cages, from small ones suitable for finches or canaries to larger ones that can accommodate parrots or other large birds.

Durban is another great place to look for bird cages. The city has several pet stores that cater specifically to bird owners, such as Bird Paradise and Feathered Friends. These stores offer a range of cage sizes and styles, so you’re sure to find something that suits your needs.

As you explore your options in Cape Town and Durban, keep in mind the size of your bird(s), their activity level, and any special needs they may have. With careful consideration and research, you’ll be able to find the perfect cage for your feathered friends. And if you’re not located near these cities? Don’t worry - there are plenty of great options for bird cages throughout South Africa!

South Africa Wide

Oh boy, traveling throughout South Africa with your feathered friends can be quite the adventure! From the bustling city of Johannesburg to the scenic beauty of the Garden Route, there are plenty of places to find cozy homes for your winged companions. Whether you’re looking for a simple cage or an elaborate aviary, you’re sure to find what you need in South Africa.

Here are some great places to look:

  • Pet stores: Just about every town and city in South Africa has at least one pet store that sells bird cages. These stores typically offer a range of options from affordable basic cages to high-end models with all the bells and whistles.
  • Online retailers: If you don’t want to leave your home to shop for bird cages, there are plenty of online retailers that offer a wide selection of products. You’ll be able to compare prices and read reviews from other customers before making a purchase.
  • Classified ads: Check out local classifieds websites or newspapers for listings of used bird cages for sale. This can be a great way to save money while still getting a quality product.
  • Bird shows: Throughout the year, there are various bird shows held across South Africa where vendors sell everything related to birds including cages.

With so many options available, it’s easy to find exactly what you need when shopping for bird cages in South Africa. Now let’s talk about parrotlet cages and what makes them different from typical bird cages.

Parrotlet Cages

Parrotlet cages are specifically designed to meet the needs of these small and active birds. These cages are typically smaller than those for larger parrots, but still provide ample space for movement and play. Parrotlets love to climb and explore, so their cages usually have multiple levels with plenty of perches, ladders, and toys.

When selecting a parrotlet cage, it’s important to choose one that is made from durable materials such as stainless steel or wrought iron. This not only ensures the safety of your bird but also makes cleaning easier. Look for cages with easy-to-remove trays or grates that can be quickly wiped down.

If you’re in Cape Town, there are several options for purchasing a parrotlet cage. Many pet stores carry a variety of sizes and styles to fit your specific needs. You can also check online retailers or classifieds websites for second-hand options at a lower cost. With the right cage, your feathered friend will have a safe and comfortable home to thrive in.

Cape Town Selection

If you’re in the market for a new bird cage, and specifically in search of parrotlet cages, we hope our previous section provided some useful information. Now, let’s focus on the Cape Town selection of bird cages for sale.

Cape Town is known for its vibrant culture and picturesque scenery, but it also boasts an impressive collection of bird cages that are sure to meet your needs. Whether you’re looking for a spacious aviary or a compact cage that can fit into your home office, Cape Town has something to offer.

One option to consider is the ‘Birds of Paradise’ store located in the heart of Cape Town. They have a wide range of bird cages available from top brands like Vision and Ferplast. Their knowledgeable staff can help guide you towards the best choice based on your specific requirements and budget. Plus, they offer delivery options if needed.

As you can see, Cape Town has plenty of options when it comes to finding the perfect bird cage for your feathered friend. But what if you’re looking for something closer to home? Stay tuned as we explore nearby options for purchasing bird cages.

Nearby Options

Looking for a bird cage near your location? Here are some options to consider. Firstly, you could try checking out your local pet store. Many pet stores carry a variety of bird cages in different sizes and styles, so you’re bound to find something that fits your needs. Plus, shopping at a physical store allows you to see the cages in person before making a purchase.

Another option is to search online for bird cage retailers located near you. This will allow you to browse through a wider selection of cages without leaving your home. Be sure to read reviews from other customers before making a purchase, as this can give you an idea of the quality and durability of the product.

If neither of these options work for you, consider reaching out to local bird enthusiasts or breeders in your area. They may have recommendations on where to find high-quality cages or even be selling their own used cages at a discounted price. By exploring all these avenues, you’re sure to find the perfect bird cage for your feathered friend.


Congratulations on reaching the end of this article! You now have a wealth of information about bird cages for sale. But before you make your purchase, let’s investigate the truth behind a theory that may help you select the perfect cage.

The theory suggests that the size of the cage should be at least twice as large as the wingspan of your bird. This is because birds need adequate space to move around, exercise and maintain their physical and mental health. A cramped or small cage can lead to stress, anxiety, and even physical injuries.

To create an image in your mind, imagine yourself being stuck in a tiny room with no windows or ability to move around freely. It would be uncomfortable and detrimental to your well-being. The same applies to pet birds who spend most of their time in their cages. Therefore, it is essential to choose a cage that meets your bird’s specific needs based on its species and size.

In conclusion, when shopping for bird cages for sale, take into consideration factors such as size, bar spacing, material quality and features like perches, toys and feeding stations. By doing so, you will provide your feathered friend with a comfortable living environment where they can thrive both physically and mentally.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can bird cages be customized to suit specific bird species?

Yes, bird cages can be customized to suit specific bird species. The size, shape, and material of the cage should be chosen based on the needs of the bird in terms of space, activity level, and behavior. Consult an expert for guidance.

How often should bird cages be cleaned and what products are safe to use?

To keep your feathered friend healthy, clean their cage at least once a week. Use bird-safe disinfectants like vinegar or mild soap and water. Avoid bleach and ammonia, which can be harmful to birds.

What are some common mistakes people make when choosing a bird cage?

When choosing a bird cage, people commonly make the mistake of selecting one that is too small for their bird’s size or activity level. They may also overlook the importance of bar spacing and materials used in construction, leading to potential safety hazards.

Are there any health concerns associated with keeping birds in cages?

Imagine living in a small room with no windows or fresh air. That’s what it’s like for birds kept in cages. This can lead to physical and mental health issues, including respiratory problems and depression.

Can bird cages be used for more than one bird, and if so, what are the recommended guidelines for doing so?

Yes, bird cages can be used for more than one bird. However, it’s important to consider the size of the cage and species compatibility. Experts recommend allowing at least 25 square inches of floor space per bird and providing multiple perches and food/water dishes.

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